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Educational fees for 2019-2020
academic year are 2.078 Euro!

Why you should apply to study in The Netherlands?

Modern Educational Programs

Dutch universities are well known internationally for their modern facilities and top quality educational programs. Students are usually studying in small groups and strong team work facilitates innovation and progress through education.

Research &
Applied Sciences

Most universities in The Netherlands focus on research and applied sciences and thus offer very specific and well-thought educational programs, regardless of the field of study, making future employment a much accessible dream to achieve for all students.

Governmental Scholarships

Educational fees (and even transportation costs) can be covered in The Netherlands through governmental loans (if you work part time for a few hours a month). Some universities also offer scholarships to their students, based on various criteria.

Multicultural Environment

Every year, in The Netherlands there are students from more than 157 nationalities from all over the globe. One of the reasons for this is the low cost of education and living, as compared with other countries in Europe.

No Language

The Netherlands is the second biggest English language speaking country after UK, with a staggering 90% of English language speakers in its population. Thus, it should be very easy for you to adapt to the local lifestyle and communicate with those around you.


If you already think about studying abroad and The Netherlands is one of the destination you are considering, EDMUNDO has a lot of partner universities in its portfolio. These universities offer a wide range of study programs at both undergraduate as well as graduate level.

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More than 5.000 young people work with EDMUNDO every year!

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Why you should work with EDMUNDO?

Personalized Counseling

Everything is easier with the support of an EDMUNDO counselor! We can help you discover educational programs offered by our high quality partner universities that match your interests, your profile and your future career goals.

High Quality Application File

All our counselors know in every detail what are the best practices of applying to study abroad. Thus, they can help you maximize your chances of acceptance at your preferred university program while you are still in the driver's seat.

No Question Left Unanswered

EDMUNDO works with more than 2000 aplicants every year and has done this for the past 10+ years! We have the experience to answer any and every question you might have as a future international student. Thus, we already have the answers to your questions!

Access to Information

Due to our extensive partnership with universities, you will have full access to all the required information (such as scholarship opportunities) to maximize your success potential. We have made it our mission to pass valuable information to our applicants as soon as we receive it from our partner universities.

No Family Stress

Behind every student studying abroad (and there have been more than 10.000 EDMUNDO students in the past 10 years) there is a concerned family who wants to make sure that this is the best option for their child. Our counselors have all the required information to ease all the worries and discuss any details with your family.

Active Community

Working with EDMUNDO means creating a useful connection with another Romanian student at the University where you want to go. These students can be your trusted friends and can answer any question you might have about your destination, but also about their personal experience there, what they like or do not like.

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